Idea: Bookmark Plugin for WordPress

I just saved yet another link in my Delicious account, and suddenly thought — “man, it would really suck if Delicious one day disappeared and I lost all of this”.


According to my stats, I have 1,164 bookmarks, mostly with descriptions and manually crafted (to some extent) titles, 1,813 different tags in use, with some being used 187 times. That’s a lot of rich, valuable data that I’ve collectively invested a lot of time in. I want control over it. I want insurance.


Idea: “LiveJournalish” WordPress Plugin

I’ve been doing a lot of work with LiveJournal/WordPress lately, and have been seeing that there are some passionate LJ users who are loyal to the platform largely for a few specific reasons/features. It seems like those features would mostly be pretty easy to replicate on WP though, given its flexible plugin system.

The main features that LJ supports that WP is (or was) “missing” seem to be:

  • Robust permissions (create a group of people, grant them access to view a post, but no one else, etc)
  • Support for integrated “metadata” on posts such as Current Music, Current Mood, etc
  • Reply to comments directly via the notification emails you get
  • Threaded comments
  • Userpics