No Teeth != No Pain

Well, I am now minus 4 wisdom teeth, but it hasn’t meant that the pain they were causing has gone away, indeed – it hurts a lot more right now than it did before. The only good thing is that I know in a couple days it won’t hurt any more, and then I’ll be firmly on the road to my mouth sorting itself out.

I had all 4 teeth pulled under local anaesthetic, so I got to see the whole thing going on. I also got to feel and hear some of what was going on, so that was interesting. I was actually a little surprised, because there was more pushing (down towards my gums) than there was pulling (as in tugging on the teeth). I don’t know exactly why, but I am guessing that it’s from the dentist cutting back my gums to get a clean shot at the teeth. Wondering what 4 wisdom teeth look like? That’s them down there!

4 little wisdom teeth