CSS2 Selectors

I am using CSS2 selectors in the style sheet for the new Dented Reality website to try and avoid some of the problems in layout/sizing that I was having between Mozilla (Netscape), Opera and IE6. I haven’t tested on IE5.x yet, but according to some of the “css hacksites I have been looking at, I will need to include another hack to make it work on that.

So far, so good.

This whole site is now presented using XHTML and CSS, with no (layout) tables at all. If you view the source, you will see that the code is quite clean as well – I have laid out the source in a manner which makes it more friendly to people using text-only browsers like Lynx, or to people with no style sheet support in general. I have put the content first, and then worked from there, towards the less-important navigation elements etc.