Idea: Amazon Music Exploration Application

Music is important to me. Not because I have any musical talent (at all), or because I work in the music industry (or ever have) or even have friends who are musicians (although I do have a couple). Music is important to me because I listen to it almost every waking hour, and need it to concentrate while I’m working.

According to iTunes, I have just under 6,000 “items” in my music library. That’s 16.5 days of music, playing 24/7. I like to find new music, and have pretty eclectic musical tastes (literally everything from The Corrs to korn appears in my library). I’d like a tool that helps me do a few things: (more…)

Today, Fuck You Apple

WARNING: Explicit language ahead!

I’d like to officially put out a big “fuck you” to Apple today, and here’s why…

  1. Imported some photos into iPhoto this morning, and deleted them from my camera when I was done (never had a problem with that before). I rotated a few of them because they were around the wrong way, and then iPhoto decided that it would lose track of a bunch of them, and corrupt the originals. I have 8,415 photos in my library, and now it looks like new imports are going to be a problem. Fuck you iPhoto.
  2. iTunes said it needed to be updated, so I went ahead and updated it. Re-opened iTunes, and it decided my library file wasn’t valid, so it created a new one, and lost track of all of my playlists. Fuck you too iTunes.
  3. I emptied my Trash yesterday. I don’t know how much stuff was in there, but there was a lot. Next time I tried to shut down, FileVault wanted to reclaim a bunch of space. No problem, does that every time I shut down. It tried for over an hour, before I turned off my PowerBook and gave up. I can’t turn FileVault off either, because it claims that I need a spare 4,088 GIGABYTES (!) of space to create an unencrypted copy of my home folder. Now every time I try to restart/shut down, same thing happens, and it sits there for a long time – so I can’t shut down cleanly. Also, a big “fuck you” to FileVault.
  4. And now, for the grand finale. Mac OS X 10.4.3 System Update. Wow. Complete the update “successfully”. Restart. No Keychain. No Dock. No Accounts in Mail. No application preferences in pretty much anything. In short – fucked. Overall – a MASSIVE FUCK YOU to the Apple Mac OS X 10.4.3 System Update.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go waste half my day reconfiguring everything because Apple decided my settings weren’t important.