Nokia E71 NAM Real World Usage Review

Now that I’ve been using the Nokia E71 NAM for a few weeks, I wanted to post a follow-up review covering some of the more “day-to-day reality” aspects of the phone. I’m going to bullet-point my observations/comments for brevity’s sake, and as with my initial review, any comparisons made here are as compared to my Nokia E61:

Google Maps Bookmarklet

I’m sick of Cmd-T,, Enter, ‘address’ + ‘, sf, ca’ so I made this quick little bookmarklet to speed up the process a little.

Drag it to your bookmark toolbar, then click it, enter a street address (eg. ‘2000 Bush St’) and hit ‘Ok’ to get an instant Google Map to that location in San Francisco (my current hometown).


Obviously editing this to work for different cities in the US would be trivial – knock yourselves out.