On Social Customer Support

Through my work with Automattic, I’ve had the privilege of working with the guys over at Intense Debate. I’ve been helping them improve their WordPress plugin and get it ready for some new features. Along the way I made the blunder of releasing a version that had a pretty serious bug in it, and that triggered a lot of customer support issues/cases.

In the “old days” (or in a lot of big corporates today), those support cases would have been handled behind a corporate “veil of secrecy”, tucked in a back end system somewhere, responded to by anonymous “Customer Service Representatives” via a generic email account like “support@intensedebate.com”. While we’re also making use of a generic email address, the similarities between our approach and that of big corporates ends there. End to end, the differences are pretty stark.

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Cupcake Camp 2, San Francisco

This afternoon I had the pleasure of attending the second Cupcake Camp, held here in San Francisco at the Get Satisfaction offices in South Park. For some reason, I was expecting a relatively small, civilized, fun event in South Park, with a few people, maybe 100 at the most, a bunch of cupcakes and some friendly conversation. Some of those expectations were met, some were vastly exceeded (or plain crushed). Here’s what greeted me when I got there:

Cupcake Camp 2