Study Period 2 Assignments Online

I realised that I hadn’t posted any of my previous assignments, so here they are for your reading pleasure (or not!).

27.4Kb PDF Document
REA11 Assignment 3 – Revision of analytical structure diagrams about Objectivity and Blogging, and a re-write on assignment one

13.9Kb PDF Document
NET12 Assignment 2 – What Do We Think Of The Web We Weave. This essay talks about the key assumptions driving current views of the ‘Net

25Kb PDF Document
NET12 Assignment 3 – The Internet can teach us about the relationshop between society and technology – I talk about it here in specific relation to the economic and business aspects of that relationship.

Quote of the Day

Quoting myself now… how sad. I wrote this in an email to DV, and I thought it summed up my opinion of some assignments at University nicely;

[Some assignments are just] an exercise in stringing together references into a roughly coherent text which conforms to their required format.