WordPress: Email Login

Email Login is a very simple, rather self-explanatory plugin. All it does is allows you to log into your WordPress account using your email address instead of your username. Why would you want this? Well, you could be lazy, you could have a really bad memory, or in my case, you may actually randomly generate the usernames used on one of your installations, and then require people to use their email address to log in instead.


  1. Download WP Email Login to your computer (or direct to your server if you’re tricky)
  2. Unzip it to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin in wp-admin under Plugins


  1. Log out of WordPress
  2. Log back in using your email address in the username field (You can still use your username if you prefer, as long as it doesn’t contain an “@” symbol.)

That’s about all there is to it. I have also added some DOM manipulation on my wp-login.php page so that the prompt actually reads “Your Email” instead of “Username”, but that’s completely optional, so it’s not included in the plugin file.

What do you think?

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  3. Kenn said:

    Good morning,

    Love this plugin, simple and easy to use. However we have noticed that on our Multisite install the login screen fields don’t look right. ‘username’ is still above the username box and ‘username or email’ appears where ‘password’ should be. I haven’t identified the fix yet but thought I would let you know.

    • Kenn said:

      Hello again, found it. I have changed the childNodes at the bottom so the first is [0] instead of [1]

      document.getElementById(‘loginform’).childNodes[0].childNodes[1].childNodes[0].nodeValue = ”;

      Hope this is useful.

      • Kenn said:

        Hi Beau,
        We haven’t upgraded to the latest WordPress on this site yet as we have a few custom built plugins to test compatibility with first, so we are still on 3.6 but hope to update very soon.

        • Beau said:

          Are you running any other customizations around your login page? Because this very site is multi-site, runs the plugin, and doesn’t seem to have any problem.

          • Kenn said:

            We are running the WPMU Dev Branding widget which allows you to add a logo instead of the WordPress logo on the login page, I didn’t deactivate the whole plugin as it has several elements but I did deactivate the login logo part to see if it was conflicting and the issue was still there. It may be this plugin that was the issue but as it brands the site and it is live I don’t want to turn it off just to confirm.

  4. STEVE said:

    Hi, you mentioned that you, “randomly generate the usernames”. I need to do just that and I searched high and low for a plugin that would allow this, but couldn’t find one. How do you do it?


    • Beau said:

      That was actually being done on a site where the entire signup process was customized, so I don’t really have a code snippet or anything that I can share I’m afraid. If I was doing it now, I’d attempt to hide the username field, and then when the sign up form is submitted, generate a username based on a hash of their email address. I think you could inject some JS code on the ‘signup_extra_fields’ action to hide the username field, then before/during the processing of the form, you’d have to overwrite $_REQUEST[‘user_name’] and maybe $_POST[‘user_name’] as well with your generated username. HTH.

    • Beau said:

      I don’t think that’s anything to do with this plugin. Email login functionality is now bundled in core WP though, so you might try just disabling this plugin and see if you can do what you want without it.

      • boxcards said:

        Hi Beau!

        I’m new with WP and I installed the WP Email Login because you recommended it on the Get Help with Listable page.
        Since email functionality is now bundled in core WP, can you please update the Get Help page to make it work as your demo?
        Or please, send me a tutorial link about how do to it.


        • boxcards said:

          Ops sorry! I thought you were from Pixelgrade. The company that is recommended your plugin. But anyway, I’ll appreciate if you can send me a tutorial how to implement the email login.

          Best Regards

          • Beau said:

            There’s not really a tutorial — install and activate the plugin, and from then on your users can log into WordPress using their email address instead of their username within WordPress. There is no additional UI or settings or anything for this plugin.

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  6. wguide17 said:

    hi I have a question, Can by change this email name notification but actually say “wordpress@mydomine” an need change “wordpress” by “support” or “admin” you can help please

  7. Barbara said:

    We want to force WP to use full email address as username on our site with WooCommerce/WooMembers.
    I notice this plug-in hasn’t been updated for some time, just want to know if it will work on the current WordPress installations?

    • Beau Lebens said:

      As far as I’m aware it’s still working with all current versions of WordPress. I’ve never specifically tried it on WooCommerce, but don’t see why it wouldn’t work there as well.