I really like your plugin and try to build my own Site where all my Social Media Activity is imported. There i would like to add own services to import from RSS-Feed or a CSV File. My programming Skills are good enough to write a parser for those file-types and import them to WordPress as posts. But I’m a bit lost on how to do this using the keyring-framework. I already read your Developer-Guide and also checked some of the source-code from the services/extended and /importers.

As far as i understood, i should do the following:
1. create a new service for e.g. RSS-Import (from Goodreads)
2. create new importer for RSS

1. where do i add the new file for the new service? putting it in the services/extended will overwrite it when updating
2. where do i put the new file for the importer? putting it in keyring-social-importers/importers will also overwrite it, when updating
3. in my case i don’t need an authentification method. I just need to grab a publicly available http-URL. I thought of using the http-Basic-Service, but this requires User/Password-Information. Will i have to write my own service? Where to put this service?

I really thank you in advance for your answers.

best regards