Beau thank you for your fast reply!

So I don’t have a chance to not import my old tweets at the moment, is it?

I think I found a workaround to this: I may create a temporary category and let the import to end, then I delete all the posts of this category.
First I have to decide whether my tweets would be of any value to my readers: I may keep just a widget with the stream. 😉

The issue comes when we talk about my RSS (i.e.: G+): will the plugin import ALL the posts?

If I may suggest you two features:

1) the option to import only the new posts

2) the option to import the posts as draft

Just another question: I had a look around this site and found a very beautiful stream with maps and tweets (that seem to be embedded).
Is this the effect of the plugin?
Will I see the imports like this on my site too?
Otherwise: how did you achieve this look?
This is very interesting!

TNX again!