WebApp: webpad: the web-based text editor

webpad is a web-based text editor which gives you access to files from any of the following locations;

  • Your own computer (via file upload)
  • The server that webpad is installed on (via direct file manipulation)
  • Any FTP server (via FTP file operations)
  • Any website (via remote file requests)
  • Popular blogging tools (Blogger.com, MovableType, TypePad, LiveJournal, blosxom, WordPress)
  • Other data sources via a flexible plugin system

It features a simple interface and includes a collection of powerful HTML tools for working with web pages.

webpad is written entirely in PHP (HTML, CSS and JS), and operates in your browser without any need for cumbersome plugins or extra downloads.

webpad was written to meet a simple need. I found that I would often want to make a small change to my website, but didn’t have the tools handy to be able to log onto my server and edit the files. Using webpad, I can easily edit files live, plus as an added bonus I can update my blogs, edit files on remote FTP servers and even upload a new image or PDF (or any other file) to my webserver, from most popular browsers.

Download   webpad 3.1 Personal (252.9 KiB, 35,165 hits)