MovableType Class

Well, it had to happen! With a function library and a class implementation of the core API, someone had to come along and extend Bill’s class to be capable of working with MovableType, one of the other most popular blogging tools available. Kathryn Aaker came along and wrote this class, which extends the core Blogger class (the download includes all required files), so that it can work with the additional fields and slightly different operations of MovableType.

Download   MovableType API Class (14.0 KiB, 5,431 hits)

Methods Available

Core API Functions

  • $mt->getRecentPosts(string blogID, int numPosts);
  • $mt->getPost(string postID);
  • $mt->newPost(string blogID, string textPost, boolean publish);
  • $mt->editPost(int blogID, string textPost, boolean publish);
  • $mt->getCategoryList(string blogID);
  • $mt->getPostCategories(string postID);
  • $mt->setPostCategories(string postID, array categories);
  • $mt->getSupportedMethods();