Blogger Class

Bill Lazar of saw my collection of functions and decided that for portability and re-usability’s sake, they would be better managed as a complete class.He went ahead and developed this class which he submitted to me, and which I have posted here for everyone’s convenience.

Please check out Bill’s website to see what else he’s up to!

Download   Blogger API Class (12.5 KiB, 10,176 hits)

Methods Available

Core Blogger API Functions

  • $blog->getUsersBlogs();
  • $blog->getUserInfo();
  • $blog->getRecentPosts(int blogID, int numPosts);
  • $blog->getPost(int postID);
  • $blog->newPost(int blogID, string textPost, boolean publish);
  • $blog->editPost(int blogID, string textPost, boolean publish);
  • $blog->deletePost(int postID, boolean publish);
  • $blog->getTemplate(int blogID, string template);
  • $blog->setTemplate(int blogID, string template);

Custom Extension Functions

  • $blog->getUsersBlogsSelect(string name, string selected, array extra);