Code: PHP Blogger API(s)

As a member of the blogging community, I found the advent of APIs to access the various blogging services available to be an incredible boon to the possibilities of those systems.

I started out by developing a collection of PHP functions which would allow me to access the details of a hosted web-log. When he saw that, Bill went ahead and put them all into a nice OO class, to make them more usable in a larger system.

From there, I had a third submission which extended the base Blogger class so that it implemented the metaWeblogAPI, since the person who did that section needed the additional functionality to interface with a MovableType blog.

So now, there are 3 flavors for you to choose from if you’d like to develop a web-based application that works with one of the more popular blogging systems.

WARNING: Most of this code was written a LONG time ago (around 2003 I think). I know that the API has changed since then, so I make no warranties that this code will still work at all.