Kindle: KRead, a simple Kindle feed reader

The Amazon Kindle 2 comes with a basic web browser (under the Experimental menu, from the Home page). It’s capable of loading text-based content over Whispernet. I wanted to be able to read feeds on the go, so I created KRead (pronounced “creed”) to do that as simply as possible. It took about 30 minutes thanks to SimplePie.

KRead is a super-simple feed reader with a few time-saving features to help you catch up on the feeds you read using your Kindle. It uses the Experimental browser packaged with the Kindle 2. Here are its basic features:

  • Very simple to use; enter a URL, hit the ‘Read’ button, read your feed,
  • Supports bookmarking the headlines list of a feed so you can jump back to it easily,
  • Allows you to skip the “http://” on a URL (it’ll add it automatically),
  • Supports auto-discovery, so you can type in “” and it will automatically discover that the feed you really meant was “”, which redirects to “”. No problem,
  • Offers a simple view of the actual post content (full content where available).

Try KRead out now »

To load KRead on your Kindle, just go to the Home screen, hit Menu > Experimental > Basic Web. Type in “” and hit Enter.

What do you think?