JavaScript: JS Validation Library

You should NEVER rely on client-side validation of data entered in a web-based form. Since the validation takes place on the client’s side, it is really out of your control, and thus is not reliable (they could bypass/modify the requirements without your knowledge). On top of that – this library only works with Internet Explorer, so users with a different browser will not have their information validated at all!

This is a JavaScript validation library which is really useful for validating the values entered into a form field on a web page. It allows you to easily configure the requirements for the values entered (via pre-set rules or your own regular expressions), and specify the messages to display etc when errors are found.

Download   JavaScript Validation Library (9.6 KiB, 5,102 hits)

This library is in use on a number of commercial sites, including on the contact form of this website!


  • Tag-level understanding of HTML is important
  • Previous experience with JavaScript coding is strongly recommended