JavaScript: JS Search Engine

This simple search engine allows you to define the keywords and descriptions for a specific set of searchable items, which then link to the URL you specify, using the title you define. Because it is written in pure JavaScript, this search engine can be distributed with CD-ROM copies of a website, and can run on servers where server-side scripts and programs are not available.

Download   JavaScript Search Engine (12.1 KiB, 15,549 hits)


  • Fully customisable search item database
  • Simple implementation via 2 JS files and a short block of code, use it on any template, or even every page of your site
  • Completely customisable output of results (requires some coding in JavaScript)
  • Uses no server-side scripting at all
  • Tested with Netscape and Internet Explorer
  • User Hint: You can even add an image tag to your results database strings to show images in your results pages