Boutique web and social media development

NOTE: I no longer offer these services, and these pages are online for consistency/permanence’s sake only.

My name is Beau Lebens and I’ve been online for over 10 years. I am currently based in San Francisco, but enjoy to travel, and for the right project will definitely come to you. If you’re into that sort of thing, check out my formal resume.

I am almost always available for the right project.

There I go again — right project. What’s that?

  • Social media related projects; blogging, online community, social networks, all those good things
  • I am a WordPress (MU) and bbPress consultant; I’ve been involved in some extremely customized and unique solutions, plus helped in tuning server performance and overall tweaks and enhancements.
  • Feeds and Syndication are particularly interesting to me, and I’ve worked with them a lot
  • Online information systems such as email, news readers, personal storage solutions, recommendation engines etc
  • Information architecture, usability and user-centered design, since the customer is always right… right?
  • Hands-on development in PHP/MySQL/XHTML/CSS/jQuery/AWS/XSL are my personal specialties
  • Strategic/planning level involvement if not development. I’m not a fan of managing developers, but I’ll do it in a pinch

These are the things that I’m particularly passionate about, and a good combination of them will always get my attention. The best part is that they’re all useful to you as well, since they form a large part of the businesses on the web today. So what can I do with these things?

  • Increase engagement with your website/service
  • Keep people coming back
  • Make your system easier to use and understand for your users, while helping them to do the things that make sense for your business
  • Enable new levels of interaction with your customer-base, and get them involved (and therefore invested) in the success of your company.

I’ve worked with and studied some interesting fields and technologies;

  • Online education (I have helped provide this at a post-graduate, tertiary level, and also studied myself at the tertiary level online)
  • Search engine marketing (providing search result feeds for major clients and advising on SEO techniques and approaches in a multi-million dollar company)
  • Online community and culture (how people interact online, how they react to other, etc)
  • Massively-loaded systems (handling millions of clicks per week, and dealing with millions of visitors per day across multiple servers)
  • Working with Amazon Web Services for scalable service provision and infinite storage
  • Massive data manipulation/munging from format to format (gigabytes at a time, converting from raw dumps to usable formats of all kinds)

So if these things sound useful to you, or they sound like a match for something you’re interested in and you’d like to see if we can work together, then the best thing to do is get in touch, and start up a dialog, then we can take it from there.