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Pebble Watch

I should be getting my Pebble soon, and I can’t wait. I don’t really care about the fancy watch faces, I care about bringing timely information and notifications out of my pocket and onto my wrist. As far a I’m concerned, this is one step closer to something like Google Glass.

I’ve been rolling ideas around in my head about what I’d like to be able to do with mine when it arrives, and here’s a quick list of possibilities:

  • Monitor my location and see when I stay in one (new) place for a few minutes. Check Foursquare and if it looks like somewhere I’ve checked in before (or is popular), then offer me one-tap check-in.
  • Allow me to set a geo-fence around a location and buzz my wrist when I cross that fence (using direction/velocity extrapolation based on GPS).
  • If I was still in SF, hook into something like iCommute SF and tell me when the next bus/train is arriving at nearby “favorite” stops.
  • Tell me if one of my friends check in on Foursquare somewhere nearby.
  • Tie into RunKeeper to give me time/distance/pace summaries while running/riding.
  • Simple velocity/direction readout.
  • iCal reminders/notifications.
  • Text message notification (with pre-defined replies like “almost there”, “on my way”, etc).
  • Random trivia: tell me interesting things about where I am.
  • Crime Alert: tie into police info and tell me as crimes are reported nearby.
  • Use Foursquare to alert me to anywhere nearby that has a special of some sort.

I’m sure there are loads more, and probably much more interesting things that will pop up once people get their hands on Pebbles. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited about the future of this device.

  1. raydawg88 said:

    You left off a pretty basic one….food log – calorie counter. Cause then it can track your food intake…vs the calories burnt during the day with the other apps.

    • Beau Lebens said:

      Not going to be able to do that with a watch though, since you\’ve only got a few buttons. I think it\’d be easier to just do that through your phone directly, using one of the apps that includes calorie recording (e.g. Fitbit).

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