New Wheels on the Road

I moved to Brooklyn recently, and I got a new bike, which I’m loving. Brooklyn (especially Park Slope) is pretty bike friendly, with bike paths/lanes (site powered by WP!) all over the place.

It’s a Cannondale Bad Boy 9. It’s a hybrid, which is new for me (I’ve only ever really ridden mountain bikes, and used to ride downhill a bit). I’m getting used to a fully rigid frame, and feeling every bump in the often-times-pot-hole-filled-roads around here. Disc brakes are neat, and having a thin, hard wheel means you can go really fast with much less effort. Fun :)

I went for a nice ride last week around the park that’s right near my new apartment. I rode reasonably hard for the first half or so (once I got inside the park), and then tailed someone else who was going a good pace for the rest. It looked like this on RunKeeper:

    • Beau Lebens said:

      I have the XL frame, which turned out to be pretty hard to get myhands on here in New York. Apparently not that many were made, andthey sold out of them in most places quickly. I'm tall, so I wanted tomake sure that I got something that was going to fit me properly thistime!

  1. Bogdan said:

    the bike looks really good. I plan on buying one very soon, i really need to cut the car some slack … the gas ain't gettin cheaper at all

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