When I was growing up (on a “hobby farm”), we raised chickens which we mostly had for their eggs. We always had fresh eggs, and would sometimes get what we always called “double-yolkers”. Two yolks in a single egg. Until recently, I think I’d only ever had one of them from a store-bought egg. Something has changed though. In the last carton of eggs that I bought (Rock Island, Brown Fertile Jumbo Grade A), I got THREE different double-yolkers:

Something in the water?

  1. Jesse said:

    Maybe it's simply poor quality control (different is bad in our society, after all), or grade-AA eggs that were double-yolkers were brought down to grade-A (again, different is bad, so different means imperfect).

    … or maybe you should've played the lottery. I don't know if there's a way to see if an egg has twins before cooking. Kinda cool though. Now I want one.

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