Meet The Family, Take Two

This weekend, I’m in Makati City, Manila for WordCamp Philippines. It’s the first time I’ve been over here and it’s been quite a trip (I wish I was staying for a lot longer!).

I’m planning on posting a more detailed entry covering my trip here, but in the meantime I wanted to get my slides up here so that I could point people to them immediately. It’s embedded below so please check it out, it’s an extended version of the presentation from last weekend at WordCamp LA.

  1. Mathdelane said:

    Hi Beau,

    You're an awesome representation of WordPress to the recently concluded WordCamp in the Philippines because you have definitely shed light not only on the WordPress Family which was your talk is all about but also on the many questions that had been on my mind before the event.

    It was a great opportunity to be able to ask you about version 2.9's plans of including an image editing capability within the core and WordPress' stance on "nofollow" within comments.php on the core as well.
    I was the one who ask those questions to you after your talk and during the Q&A panel discussion. I wasn't able to introduce my name and my URL because of the nerves but anyway, it was great to hear the answer coming from an authority.

    Thanks for coming to the Philippines and embracing the WordCamp Philippines 2009.

    M. Matilla

    • Beau Lebens said:

      Thank you for your kind words Mathdelane, it was definitely my pleasure to attend WordCamp Philippines, and visit Manila in the first place. You all have a thriving blogging community there which is really impressive and great to see, so it was a lot of fun to be able to come over and share some of what's going on both with WordPress, and some of the other projects it has inspired.

      Hopefully the new media tools in 2.9 will go a long way towards improving that part of WordPress which is admittedly a bit weak right now!

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