Twitter’s Missing Features

I’ve been sketching some random thoughts and plans for a new Twitter client, and rather than restrict it to my notebooks and condemn it to the fate of so many other ideas of mine that never see realization, I’m putting my wish-list for what a decent Twitter client should allow me to do here. Feel free to roll these into another client and let me know so that I can just use it, rather than have to build it ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Integrated search
  2. “Personal Search” — I want to be able to perform a search just within the tweets of people I follow. This is just a filter on my own tweet streams.
  3. I should be able to save “Personal” and “global” searches and easily come back to them. Ideally the client should tell me (badge or notification) when new tweets show up under any of those searches.
  4. Support for multiple Twitter accounts.
  5. The ability to view a combined stream of all tweets from all accounts that I follow through any of my configured Twitter accounts.
  6. Simple (2 clicks) Retweet and Reply functionality.
  7. URL shortening via
  8. Autocomplete of people I follow, and ideally those who follow me as well (even if I don’t follow them back). It should search both their Twitter username and their real name. Ideally I should also be able to “rename” or associate a real name with anyone I follow.
  9. Groups — I want to be able to associate people with one or more arbitrary groups.
  10. I should be able to view a stream of tweets from all members of a group.
  11. Ability to “mute” an individual, or an entire group with a single click. A simple UI to show me all current “mutes” would be good as well. Muting an individual/group would remove their tweets from all views except for their explicit (group/person) view.
  12. I’d like to be able to get SMS notifications for all mentions (@beaulebens) as well.

If you know of an app that does all of this (in a simple, clean UI), I want it. If not, let me know when it exists ๐Ÿ™‚