On Airplane Productivity (PlaneWorking)

This week just passed, I had to fly (last-minute) from San Francisco to Minnesota for a funeral (and managed to be there for Thanksgiving as well). That meant 2 flights of a little over 3 hours each. Some people might see this as a drama, and a big loss of productive time, but I saw it as exactly the opposite. I’m hardly the first person to comment on it, but flying can be an extremely productive time to get things done, and I often find myself getting loads of work done while flying.

I had a string of things that needed to be completed/added/fixed on a client project before I left from SFO, and literally finished all of them and more before I arrived at MSP. I would normally have estimated that the list of things I had to do would take around 6 hours to complete. Removing ascent and descent times, (and judging by battery life), I probably only worked for about 2, but I still managed to get everything done. What’s going on here? (more…)


  1. Flew Minneapolis (MSP) to San Francisco (SFO). 2,551 km on NW in 4h 06min.