Why I Hate Macs

Their keyboard navigation sucks. I mean certain programs have great keyboard shortcuts and all, but I’m talking standard stuff, like tab between buttons in a window and hit enter/space to do something. Launch a file from Finder. There are some basic things that they’re missing here, and it’s killing me.

Having said that, I did just buy my second Mac laptop (15″ PowerBook G4), which I totally love; except for this horrendous shortcoming. And if it’s possible, it actually got worse between my iBook and this PowerBook. A bunch of the programs which got updates have now stopped offering the alternative default outlined buttons in dialogs which I could hit space to activate – which was pretty much the only thing that was better than Windows’ keyboard nav.

Maybe I’m missing something.

UPDATE 2005-12-13: So I figured out how to ‘launch’ an item that’s highlighted in Finder, and it’s almost worse knowing than it was not. Apple-down-arrow. WTF???

Resizing Browser Windows With JavaScript

So here’s an annoying one – I wanted to resize my browser window automatically, after the page had loaded (in a dynamic pop-up), to meet certain size requirements (namely to match a background image). The problem that I had was that all the different browsers support different methods and properties in relation to the ‘viewport’ (visible area of the browser), so I was having trouble finding a reliable way to do this.

I found a great breakdown over at quirksmode.org, but it didn’t actually work in Safari (2.0.2), so I found that out pretty quickly, because that’s what I’m working in. After a little playing around, I came up with the following modifications, which calculates the amount of chrome visible in the currrent window, and then takes that into account when resizing the entire window size.

I haven’t tested this on too much other than Safari and Firefox on a Mac, but I think it should be reasonably compatible with others.

// Viewable size you want once resized
x = 600;
y = 400;

// Now set the window size for different browser types
// all except Explorer
if (self.innerHeight) {
	// Figure out the measurements
	iX = self.innerWidth;
	iY = self.innerHeight;
	oX = self.outerWidth;
	oY = self.outerHeight;

	// And resize to match the desired target
	gX = oX - iX;
	gY = oY - iY;
	window.resizeTo(x + gX, y + gY)
// Explorer 6 Strict Mode
else if (document.documentElement && document.documentElement.clientHeight) {
	document.documentElement.clientWidth = x;
	document.documentElement.clientHeight = y;
// other Explorers
else if (document.body) {
	document.body.clientWidth = x;
	document.body.clientHeight = y;