Today, Fuck You Apple

WARNING: Explicit language ahead!

I’d like to officially put out a big “fuck you” to Apple today, and here’s why…

  1. Imported some photos into iPhoto this morning, and deleted them from my camera when I was done (never had a problem with that before). I rotated a few of them because they were around the wrong way, and then iPhoto decided that it would lose track of a bunch of them, and corrupt the originals. I have 8,415 photos in my library, and now it looks like new imports are going to be a problem. Fuck you iPhoto.
  2. iTunes said it needed to be updated, so I went ahead and updated it. Re-opened iTunes, and it decided my library file wasn’t valid, so it created a new one, and lost track of all of my playlists. Fuck you too iTunes.
  3. I emptied my Trash yesterday. I don’t know how much stuff was in there, but there was a lot. Next time I tried to shut down, FileVault wanted to reclaim a bunch of space. No problem, does that every time I shut down. It tried for over an hour, before I turned off my PowerBook and gave up. I can’t turn FileVault off either, because it claims that I need a spare 4,088 GIGABYTES (!) of space to create an unencrypted copy of my home folder. Now every time I try to restart/shut down, same thing happens, and it sits there for a long time – so I can’t shut down cleanly. Also, a big “fuck you” to FileVault.
  4. And now, for the grand finale. Mac OS X 10.4.3 System Update. Wow. Complete the update “successfully”. Restart. No Keychain. No Dock. No Accounts in Mail. No application preferences in pretty much anything. In short – fucked. Overall – a MASSIVE FUCK YOU to the Apple Mac OS X 10.4.3 System Update.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go waste half my day reconfiguring everything because Apple decided my settings weren’t important.

  1. tom (fuck apple!) said:

    right on, FUCK apple

    i bought a 2nd gen iTouch and just found out none of my accessories work with it


  2. dafunk lull said:

    Today I played several games, browsed the Internet, watched some movies chatted to some friends decided to crack open folding@home both clients cpu and gpu for a while. To rack up a few points, I also decided to freely share some files on line and host them from my own system. and then i hooked up dual monitors oh not to mention the 2 video cards of different gens hd2400xt and hd4870 so the 4870 could fold unhindered and the 2400xt would control the rest of the display functions. worked good left the house came back hours later.

    and nothing went wrong.

    Fuck apple thats why I'm a windows user.

    apple failed in the beginning and its failing now in my mind.

  3. jason said:

    docked my iphone into my $300. bose stereo and it now says its unsupported, used it yesterday.

  4. Jason said:

    Forgot to mention it has never worked properly with my Pioneer stereo system with proper apple cable adapters.

  5. joe526 said:

    Please, please my Fellow File Vault Victims,

    Can any one help me how to get ( the f. ) rid of File Vault?


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