AvantBlog Now Supports Titles

Now that I have a new Atom API library to play with (thanks to the development of webpad), I threw together a new copy of AvantBlog in about 40 minutes.

This version supports titles (so everyone can stop asking now!) and I improved some of the messages a little as well. There is also a new feature which allows you to specify the size of the edit fields so that you can maximize the use of your device’s screen-size.

To specify a custom size, add ?w=XX&h=YY to the end of the URL in AvantGo (or your handheld’s bookmark), where XX is the width of the main post body (and title field) and YY is the height. These values should be somewhere in the range of 10 – 30 each. You will need to play around to see what’s right for your device, but as a hint; my old Palm Vx used 17 and 6, my HP iPAQ uses 20 and 11 to get the biggest space available.

Happy Posting!

PS: For those who are interested, I’m also putting together a new ‘AvantType’ that will operate exactly as AvantBlog does, but post to a TypePad blog!