webpad 3.0 Beta Testing

Tonight I have a few more things to polish off (including writing the installation documentation), and then I will start going through my suite of tests for webpad. Once my round of pretty intensive tests are done, I have a couple people who are going to be helping me out with some beta testing. I’m really glad they are able to do this, because it means I can test webpad out on some other server installations before releasing it into the wild, and hopefully sort out any potential problems before anyone else has to deal with them.

I’m expecting to release webpad next week, if not this weekend!

Really Getting Close

Tonight I secured webpad a little more heavily, standardised some more of the operations across different sections and generally tidied things up. I also added ‘delete post’ functionality to the currently supported blog systems (blosxom, Blogger.com, TypePad and LiveJournal), and that’s looking pretty slick.

Part of add the delete functionality required me to write out the (very, very simple) plugin API for adding and removing tools to the toolbar. I may be a little biased (and not at all modest), but I think it’s pretty cool 🙂 More about plugins later – but basically webpad 3.0 supports plugins through a “My Plugins” section, so hopefully people might even write some new features for it, allowing access to more external sources of text to edit!

So, I can hear you asking; what’s left? Well:

  1. MovableType Support (open, edit, create, delete)
  2. WordPress Support (ditto)
  3. Update a few interface niceties (like the ‘About webpad’ dialog)
  4. Write the new Help Manual, which is a lot different to the last version, and will be a lot bigger
  5. Update the webpad project page
  6. Fix a scrolling bug in Mozilla (fixed on PC, needs a tweak for Mac)
  7. Pretty up some of the error messages
  8. Thorough system testing before release
  9. Packaging up with some instructions on installation

Oh yeah, and of course, I’m doing the whole dog-food eating thing and as usual, this is posted with the very latest version of webpad (from FireFox), using a couple of the tools and bits and pieces and it’s all looking good.