Problems with

Something appears to be wrong with Blogger‘s API server, so AvantBlog authentication is very touch-and-go. I’ve modified the program slightly so that it reports properly when it can’t connect to their server, so at least you’ll know what’s going on. Also, on suggestion from Ron, I’ve added a ‘Try Again’ link so that you can log out/log back in again and see if their servers are responding properly.

This problem appears to have been happening for the last couple days at least, so let’s just hope that Blogger sort it out soon. I wonder if their fancy new Atom API is going to be any more reliable?

  1. Belinda said:

    Is there a way to contact Blogger.Com personally to find out when the problem will be fixed. I cannot post at all. The problem started five days ago when it became difficult to download pictures. Now I cannot even get to the point to post or edit. I just need to know how long they are expecting it to be down since I publish a daily blog.

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