The Silence Is Deafening

Well, this unit (EBS11) is proving that online study can indeed be ‘isolated’, ‘lonely’ and ‘non-social’. In the 9 or 10 weeks that this study period has been going on, I think one other student has posted to the discussion list in the ‘online classroom’, and none replied to a group email that I sent out to my classmates.

It’s an interesting change from the other units that I’ve done (offered through Curtin), which have all had a pretty heavy online presence in discussion boards/forums. I think in this case it’s actually a matter of the discussion boards of the LMS that RMIT is using (SERF) being really poorly designed, so people try to avoid using them.

Whatever the reason, I’ll be glad to get back into Curtin units and have a little bit more contact with other people studying the unit with me 🙂