I Got a PGP Encryption Key

Following is my new public key for PGP encryption. You can use this to encrypt messages you wish to send me. I will also link it from the ‘About‘ section of this site.

Version: PGPfreeware 6.5.8 for non-commercial use <http://www.pgp.com>


An Art Gallery I’d Like To See

For some reason, it came upon me the other day that we don’t see the “animal” side of people captured very often. We see beauty, we see sorrow, we see passion, we see ‘humanity’ — what I want to see in an art gallery of some kind, is the animal, rage-filled, violent side of people.

I think these ideas sprang from a discussion about how porn in a gallery suddenly becomes art, but what I want here, is a collection of painted, drawn, sculptured and constructed representations of people which portray violence, rippling muscles, massive exertion, bulging eyes; you know what I mean. I think it would make an interesting gallery, and I’m sure all the art boffins out there would come up with all sorts of interpretations about the way that humans deal with their emotions, about the ‘beast within’, things like that.

Call me crazy, but I think it’d sell. Perhaps it could be called ‘The Beast Within’ or ‘Devolution’ or something similarly catchy, reflecting the animalistic side of human nature which would be on display.

Jakob Neilsen Has Run Out Of Things To Say

Not that I wanted to use a ridiculously-exagerated title like “PDF: Unfit for Human Consumption“, or “Flash: 99% Bad“, but I think it’s getting to the point that someone’s got to say something about the fact: Jakob Nielsen is running out of things to write about in his bi-weekly column, Alertbox.

Jakob used to be a fountain of information on usability techniques, concepts, tools and processes, but now he seems to have degenerated into selling his own products and moaning about (usually) related technologies and industries.

I hope that he reigns things in and starts writing some decent content again, he really did have some useful gems back in the early days. Maybe it’s time to scale it back to once a month?

The End Is Nigh

Drawing to a close of the study period, the next 2 are lined up already (NET23 and NET26) and all that’s left of this period is 2 assignments – a mishmash of revised and rewritten arguments for REA11, and a 2000 word essay for NET12.

I will be very glad to see these 2 first units done, and hopefully I’ll be able to see a lot more units fly by like these ones. My only other hope will be that now that I’ve done a couple, I’ll figure out how to balance the rest of my life a bit better with study and work, since my personal life got a bit neglected in the last 3 months due to too much work and study, which makes Beau a dull boy ๐Ÿ˜›

blosxom Plugins Online Again

In case you didn’t notice, all my blosxom plugins are working again!

Now that that is taken care of (ended up being a naming conflict within a plugin), I can eventually get around to doing what I had actually intended on doing, which is upgrade to the official release verion 2.0 of blosxom, and then implementing some more plugins to create better RSS feeds and probably sub-topic menus within the templates to aid in navigation of the sections.

Thanks to phpwebhosting.com (my web host) for giving me access to an error_log, even if it’s only a shared one across the whole server ๐Ÿ™‚