AvantBlog Authentication Work-around

I’ve posted details of an authentication problem work-around for AvantBlog. Basically the problem arises because AvantGo appears to expire sessions after about 24 hours whether you want them to or not (correct me if I’m wrong here anyone…)

To get around this, you can easily configure your AvantBlog channel to pass your username and password along with each request for the channel, as per these instructions;

  1. Go to https://my.avantgo.com/home/ and log in using your *AvantGo* details
  2. Click the “My Device” tab on the left
  3. Click your “AvantBlog” channel to modify its settings
  4. In the “Location” box, add the following onto the end of the address “?username=USER&password=PASS” (no quotes), where USER is replaced with your Blogger.com username, and PASS is replaced with your Blogger.com password.
  5. Save the details (“Save Channel”) and exit AvantGo’s website
  6. Synch your handheld again – you should find that you are now automatically logged into AvantBlog, and this should continue each time you synch, whether you post or not!

I’ll also post my warning that went with the mailing list email I sent out here;

Obviously, this method means that your channel is defined using your actual Blogger.com username and password, in plain text. These details are passed ‘over-the-wire’ in plain txt, so this is not particularly secure. The chances of someone exploiting this are minimal, however if your blog contains any sensitive information or is of a secure nature of any sort, I do not recommend that you configure AvantBlog using this method.