I’ve been playing around with the idea of creating a “lite” version of XooMLe, which would have less information passed back in the resulting XML, making it easier to work with for simple projects, and probably quite a bit quicker as well. The system would be based on the current one, but for the search, things would be cut down, so it might just be that I end up making a /search-lite/ method available via the normal XooMLe server.

If this happens, it will probably be a chance for me to clean up the code on the entire project, and then I might also release the code so that you can “install” your own XooMLe server 🙂 Information will be posted here if that’s the case, and I’ll also post to the XooMLe-News mailing list (sign up on the XooMLe Project Page).

Anyone else hanging out for an even simpler version of the XML results? I am thinking of having something like this;

{sample removed}

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