When Too Much Objectivity Is Not Enough

Well, I have just finished my first (real) assignment for this study period, a 500-word
essay on the subject Objectivity is Impossible. For those of you who have
never actually tried; writing an essay in 500 words is really hard! It’s very
short indeed, and covering a topic like objectivity is quite difficult to do in so few
words. I’m not totally happy with it, but at 570 words I can’t exactly go "fleshing
it out&quot, so I am going to have to live with it. It really doesn’t feel like you have
any time to develop an argument (or even define objectivity properly!) in so few words tho.

Oh well, we get to expand this into a 1000-word essay a little later in the study period
I think, so perhaps I will be happier with that version. We’ll see if I can’t revise it at
all tomorrow to make it a little tighter anyway 🙂