Too Much Wisdom

As measured in teeth anyway, apparently. I was at the dentist today and she tells me I am going to need to get all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out. I was given 3 options as far as the actual surgical procedure goes;

  1. General anaesthetic – go to a hospital for the operation, pretty expensive
  2. IV Anaesthetic – apparently they can have an anaesthetist come to their surgery thing and dope me up, it’s somewhere between general and local
  3. Local only – they just stick a needle in me at their local surgery and rip the things out (hopefully!) – cheapest, but highest potential for great pain.

So what’s the verdict people? Anyone else out there had their wisdom teeth taken out? What sort of anaesthetic did you have? Would you reccommend it? I’m all ears, and need to make a decision soon, so please throw me your ideas 🙂