Is Open Source Software Development Objective?

I’m reading some of the notes for REA11 and I am coming across the idea that objective
people "don’t care about the answer as long as it is accurate". This got me
thinking — is open source software development the same sort of thing but for the s/w world?

Theoretically, OS development isn’t influenced by the normal external factors such as
budjet, time constraints, resources or even the intent to make profit (thus introducing
useless gimicks like the Office Assistant). Since these influences are not present, does
that mean that the development of this software will objectively pursue the path of the
best possible production, meeting only the requirements of the software and nothing else?

In my experience; no. Although none of the normal, commercial biases or influences are
present, the people involved will inevitably bring their own biases etc, and if none are
found, then some will surely be created somewhere along the line.