Checking Out REA11

Ok, so I finally got access to both of the units that I am enrolled in, after having
problems with my account, and then with the units that were available to me. I had a look
at both of them today, and I am going to post a few things as they cross my mind while
looking at REA11 in more depth;

First Assignment: a 500-word essay on one of these topics — "Knowledge can never be
certain" OR "Objectivity is impossible", due on the Monday of week 4 (23rd
June if I am not mistaken). For no particular reason, I am thinking of doing the one about

Rational thinking and logic: "to determine all the little answers needed to explain
why things happened" and thus determine the ‘big’ answers…

I really like this one; accept my rational explanation, or "else be damned as
‘irrational’ and thus unworthy of inclusion in normal society."

More later perhaps, must eat and then get off to my partner in crime’s house to put
the website live